Yoga Mastery Series: Arm Balance Fundamentals

Yoga Mastery Series: Arm Balance Fundamentals

FEBRUARY 23, 2019
Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Early Bird Fee: PHP 1,500.00

Walk-In Fee: PHP 2,000.00

The Arm Balance Fundamentals Workshop is a three-hour workshop designed for yoga practitioners interested in learning how to perform palm and arm balancing asanas with greater mindfulness, lightness and ease. Taught by Teacher Joana Medina, the workshop will help students:

  • understand the general anatomical structure of palm and arm balancing poses;
  • learn how to enter these poses with more ease and grace by focusing on correct weight transfer and muscular engagement;
  • build strength and stamina in the wrists, shoulders and core over time; and
  • overcome fear and cultivate confidence, courage and playfulness!

The workshop will cover foundational arm balances before proceeding to more complex variations that involve twists, hip openers and even transitions! Practitioners of all levels are welcome as Teacher Joana will equip participants with the tools and variations they need to work at their current level at their chosen pace.

For questions or reservations, contact our Front Desk at +632.577.0345 or at +63917.577.0345.