Reiki Healing First Degree Workshop

Reiki Healing First Degree Workshop

Workshop Fee: PHP4,000.00

The Reiki Healing First Degree Workshop is a twelve-hour online asynchronous workshop designed for people interested in learning a gentle, simple and non-invasive method of healing. Taught by Reiki Third Degree Teacher Eileen Tupaz, the workshop covers the origins and evolution of the Reiki system, the basic principles behind energy-based healing and how it relates to other therapeutic interventions, and how to apply Reiki as a way of living and healing.

The workshop will feature guided reflections, protocol demonstrations, practice recommendations and a Reiki Healing First Degree “attunement” to open key vital energy centers. The workshop fee includes a comprehensive manual, a certificate of completion and open-ended email support.

No previous energy-healing experience or ability is required to participate in the Reiki Healing First Degree Workshop. To register in the workshop, click here. For questions, contact us at or at +63917.577.0345.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Eileen Tupaz is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of White Space Wellness, a Reiki Master/Third Degree Teacher, a certified international meditation teacher, a yoga teacher trainer, a retreat facilitator and a certified Eating Psychology Coach. Eileen holds a Master's Degree in Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University with a focus on Eastern thought and is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. Eileen began her formal Reiki training with Reiki Master Teacher Lilian Jarales-Hewlett in December 2011. She combines her work in Reiki with a mindfulness practice rooted in the Vipassana, Yoga and Zen traditions as well as with an academic understanding of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. Eileen's additional studies in the areas of analytical psychology, comparative religion, eating psychology and somatic therapy plus her years of experience in coaching, mentoring and teaching have also deeply influenced her approach to Reiki. Eileen has consistently received exceptional ratings for her clear, systematic and often irreverent teaching style and her ability to convey abstract, complex or technical knowledge in a lucid and accessible manner. Besides her native Philippines, she has taught in Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand.