Crystals for Daily Life Workshop

Crystals for Daily Life Workshop

DECEMBER 8, 2018
Saturday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Early Bird Fee: PHP3,000.00 (Due December 5, 2018)
Walk-In Fee: PHP3,500.00

Crystals have been used down the ages to attract, store or repel energies depending on their users’ intentions. With sufficient knowledge and skill, individuals can learn how to identify and use the crystals that best match their unique energetic makeup and that can most effectively support their intentions.

In this half-day workshop, Crystal Reiki Master Ton Chew will teach participants the foundational meditative and intuitive skills needed to use crystals in a variety of applications that include healing and protecting oneself and others, empowering and manifesting aspirations and intentions, and even channeling helping guides and spirits. Participants will begin by learning the basic colors, shapes, types and functions of crystals; then move on to exploring how to identify and use the appropriate crystals; and then proceed with mastering how to properly cleanse, maintain, program and store crystals.

The workshop fee includes a comprehensive manual, a tumbled crystal and crystal chakra set and a crystal Reiki elixir perfume. No previous experience with crystals or intuitive ability is required to participate in the Crystals for Daily Life Workshop. For questions or reservations, contact our Front Desk at +632.577.0345 or at +63917.577.0345.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Ton Chew is a Crystal Reiki Master, intuitive and meditation coach and yoga teacher. As someone who has lived through severe injury, illness and depression, Ton is passionate about sharing the healing and transformative benefits of practices that work on the physical and emotional body. His love for crystals and gems began early in life as the third generation member of a family of jewellers, and his passion for yoga and meditation began when he spent a summer in Nepal as a new college graduate. Ton's yoga studies include the White Space Wellness 200H Teacher Training Program under Eileen Tupaz and Abbey Rivadelo; the Yoga Hive 50H Yin Mindfulness Immersion under Chris Su; the Anti-Gravity Yoga Level I and II Training with Anna Carbonell; and various workshops with Pete Guinosso. His intuitive studies include the Reiki Healing Usui System First and Second Degree with Noel Resella; the Communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides, Emotional Detox and Intuitive Crystal Course also with Noel Resella; and the Crystal Reiki Master Teacher Program with Lisa Powers and Eisel Laygo. By teaching others deep self-care, Ton hopes to promote universal love and compassion beyond the boundaries of specific religions and traditions.