Kalyana Mitta Sangha is a mentor-facilitated community of mindfulness-based practitioners and teachers that's inspired by the Buddhist concept of kalyana-mittata or spiritual friendship. We cultivate consciousness in community and through community by meeting regularly in sessions under the guidance of a trained mindfulness meditation teacher and mentor.

Why Did We Create Kalyana Mitta Sangha?

The inspiration behind Kalyana Mitta Sangha can be found in a famous teaching in the Buddhist tradition in which the Buddha's personal attendant, Ananda, shared the following insight with his beloved teacher: "It seems to me that spiritual friendship constitutes half of the holy life." In response to this, the Buddha said: "Not so, not so, Ananda. Spiritual friendship is the whole of the holy life."

This beautiful teaching can be explained in many ways, but one simple and accessible way of interpreting it can be found in our own experience: It is far, far easier to face the challenges and to unravel the confusions posed by the spiritual path when we travel in the company of like-minded and like-hearted others. We find solace in realizing that others too have endured and surmounted sufferings like ours—and by sharing our stories of how our practices and resources have been of benefit in our struggles, we are able to face the inevitable trials and tribulations of life with a steadier heart and a calmer mind than we would on our own.

Who Can Benefit from Kalyana Mitta Sangha?

Kalyana Mitta Sangha is designed to be a structured platform for creating a conscious community of people who wish to:

  • view life and their experience of life more consistently through the lenses of their practices;
  • deepen their practices through enhanced accountability and tailored instruction (these benefits are typically absent when one practices on one's own!);
  • integrate the benefits of their practices more fully into the everyday domains of work, relationships, health, finances, etc.;
  • rediscover, celebrate and apply the intelligence and wisdom they've already acquired from their own struggles and experiences; and
  • have their journeys of conscious transformation held, nurtured and supported by the witness of like-hearted and like-minded others.

Kalyana Mitta Sangha sessions are open to anyone who's undertaken any form of mindfulness-based practice (e.g., yoga, meditation, Reiki, etc.). They will be especially valuable to people who hold space for others on a formal or informal basis (i.e., as a teacher, mentor, coach, counselor, psychotherapist, healer, parent, manager, employer, entrepreneur, etc.).

What are Kalyana Mitta Sangha Sessions Like?

At the moment, Kalyana Mitta Sangha sessions are held twice a month on Zoom. The frequency and schedule of sessions may change, however, depending on the emerging needs of participants. The exact content of the sessions will vary from one gathering to the next, but sessions will usually involve a mix of "check-ins," guided practices, reflections on relevant themes, small and large group discussions and assignments for deeper integration. To get a preview of what Kalyana Mitta Sangha sessions are like, you can view our introductory "open house" video here.

How Much Do Kalyana Mitta Sangha Sessions Cost and How Do I Join?

Joining a Kalyana Mitta Sangha session involves two steps: (1) registering for a scheduled session; and (2) paying a participation fee of PHP500.00. The registration links change with every scheduled session and the most updated link can be found on our Instagram account. Instructions for paying the participation fee will be provided when you accomplish the registration form.

Who Leads the Kalyana Mitta Sangha Sessions?

Our Kalyana Mitta Sangha sessions are led by Eileen Tupaz. Eileen is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of White Space Wellness, a certified international mindfulness meditation teacher, a yoga teacher trainer, a retreat facilitator, a Reiki Master/Third Degree Teacher and a certified Eating Psychology Coach. She holds a Master's Degree in Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University with a focus on Eastern thought and is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. 

Eileen is a student of renowned mindfulness meditation teachers, Dr. Tara Brach and Dr. Jack Kornfield, and was trained under their Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program and their Mindfulness Mentor Training program. She has consistently received exceptional ratings for her clear, systematic and often irreverent teaching style and her ability to convey abstract, complex or technical knowledge in a lucid and accessible manner. Besides Kalyana Mitta Sangha, Eileen also leads community meditations, discussion groups and immersion groups on the online mindfulness meditation community platform Cloud Sangha

How Do I Find Out about Upcoming Kalyana Mitta Sangha Sessions?

Our Instagram account will feature regular posts on upcoming sessions and their themes. If you wish to be emailed directly with regard to our most important announcements, however, simply accomplish the form here. If you have questions or concerns about Kalyana Mitta Sangha, kindly accomplish the form here.

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