Meditation Classes

Meditation is a mental discipline found in different belief systems and cultures that involves regulating one's attention in order to achieve a quiet and restful yet highly alert level of consciousness. Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, White Space Wellness has taught mindfulness-based forms of meditation to hundreds of individuals—primarily through workplace wellness initiatives. Our years of experience have given us an edge in teaching people how to apply mindfulness-based tools in dealing with the many challenges and difficulties that have arisen in the context of living and working in quarantine conditions. Moreover, our workshops are available in both online synchronous and asynchronous formats to suit individuals' learning styles and preferences. You can find a list of our most popular mindfulness meditation workshops below.


MINDFULNESS OF THE BODY AND BREATH: Resourcing for Challenging Times

As COVID-19 continues to profoundly reshape our patterns of living, working and relating and as its full impact on our present and our future remain unclear, it becomes increasingly more challenging to manage our concomitant anxiety, fear and stress. In this 90-minute workshop, participants will learn mindfulness-based and psychotherapy-inspired techniques for calming their body and collecting their mind so that they can center themselves in even the most trying circumstances.

MINDFULNESS OF EMOTIONS: Widening the Window of Tolerance

As COVID-19 continues to wreak its havoc around the world, many of us have found ourselves getting swept away by a variety of often intense negative emotions. Whether it's fear for our physical safety, anxiety over our economic survival or anger towards the collective situation, such chronic negative emotions not only impair our physical health—they hamper our mental performance, compromise our emotional equilibrium and strain our social relations. In this 90-minute workshop, participants will learn mindfulness-based and psychotherapy-inspired techniques for working skilfully with the most intense negative emotions so that they can harness these energies with balance and wisdom.

MINDFULNESS OF THOUGHTS: Distinguishing Thoughts from Reality

As we struggle to come to terms with the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, our ability to respond with balance, skill and wisdom is compromised by our human tendency to confuse our thoughts for reality. Our evolutionary and unconscious bias towards focusing on the negative aspects of our circumstances magnifies and intensifies our distress in incalculable and unnecessary ways. In this 90-minute workshop, participants will learn mindfulness-based and psychotherapy-inspired techniques for recognizing thoughts “as thoughts” and for identifying habitual cognitive “distortions” that can keep them trapped in a contracted and disempowering experience of life.

MINDFULNESS OF HEART: Remembering and Taking In the Good

In times of extreme challenge and distress, it becomes all too easy to lose our connection with the basic human virtues of acceptance, appreciation, compassion, empathy, generosity and kindness. Yet these virtues are the very things that we need in order to deal powerfully and effectively with difficult circumstances. In this 90-minute workshop, individuals will learn mindfulness-based and psychotherapy-inspired techniques for reconnecting with the best of themselves in the face of circumstances that would have them forget.


Our mindfulness meditation workshops are taught by White Space Wellness Co-Founder and Co-Director Eileen Tupaz. Eileen is a certified international mindfulness meditation teacher, a yoga teacher trainer, a retreat facilitator, a Reiki Master/Third Degree Teacher and a certified Eating Psychology Coach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University with a focus on Eastern thought and is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Eileen combines a meditation practice rooted in the Vipassana, Yoga and Zen traditions with an academic understanding of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. She is also a student of renowned mindfulness meditation teachers Dr. Tara Brach and Dr. Jack Kornfield. Eileen has consistently received exceptional ratings for her clear, systematic and often irreverent teaching style and her ability to convey abstract, complex or technical knowledge in a lucid and accessible manner. Besides her native Philippines, she has taught in Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand.

Here's what some of her students have to say about Eileen: 

"Studying meditation with Eileen was a richly introspective and interactive learning journey that provided a safe space for deep inner reflection and transformational sharing. I now have a more grounded understanding of my own meditation practice and how and why it has improved my life over recent years. In addition, the exposure to and immersion in different meditation techniques has given me a better idea of which ones I would like to study further and eventually teach.”
January Cresta Gabriel; Corporate Learning Manager, Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher

"Studying meditation with Eileen flipped my world around—which was a complete but pleasant and welcome surprise. Because of the training, I’ve become more mindful of my actions, my words and even my thoughts. It’s a small thing that has affected every aspect of my life, from the way I work, to my relationships, to the way I treat myself. I’ve learned to tune into myself and treat myself with kindness and compassion. I’m also more aware of my bad habits and catch myself when I’m about to think, say or do something that isn’t so great. And at work, I found that the training and the self-awareness and mindfulness it cultivated helped me get more done with less (sometimes, even zero) stress. I feel this program has totally shifted the way I live. It’s been the most transformative training I have ever taken!”
Patricia Labrador; Freelance Writer

"Studying meditation with Eileen was a groundbreaking experience that set the fundamental framework of the practice while demystifying hazy notions of meditation and mindfulness. It's informative and enriching and allows meditation novices to discover the approach that's right for them and learn ways to recognize and end mental suffering. Teacher Eileen guided us through the program with much wisdom from the heart and with the brilliance of her expansive and multi-pronged intellect!”
Rina Nakayama; Entrepreneur and Yoga Teacher