White Space Wellness empowers individuals in elevating their quality and experience of life and in becoming their highest expressions even in the face of challenging times through mindfulness.

We offer online classes and workshops on mindfulness meditation and on mindfulness-based disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, t’ai chi, sound healing and Reiki. As a result of our work, we’ve helped thousands of individuals enhance their physical health and improve their strength and flexibility; elevate their mental function and improve their clarity, focus and memory; and expand their emotional resilience and strengthen their sense of balance, composure and equanimity.

In our tailored engagements, we’ve supported people in reducing their stress and their experiences of anxiety, depression and pain; boosting their energy, elevating their mood and amplifying their productivity; transitioning to more health-supportive lifestyles; and acquiring the knowledge and cultivating the skills needed to share mindfulness-based practices themselves, thereby aligning their work with their passion.

We focus on meeting people where they are and in giving them the guidance, support and community that they need to take their wellness journeys in the direction that they want to go. And we do so with a world-class faculty that's passionate about their disciplines and committed to their students.