On Cultivating Connectedness

Expressive Art MeditationExpressive Art Meditation is a creative retreat where people gather and regain their connection to self and others. Its fusion of spiritual-based guided meditation and free-flow art making gives mindfulness practice an active and dynamic approach. The sharing of participants in a safe and empathic environment manifests a spirit of connectedness and upliftment.

This process is a product of our experiences as artists, volunteers, church workers and Filipino culture enthusiasts. As artists, we have personally used art whenever we want to connect with our core and heal our emotional distresses. For ten years, we have been doing therapeutic art and play with children with cancer and chronic illnesses through the Kythe Foundation. We witnessed how art alleviates the physical and emotional pain of children and their families. Our deep spirituality is a product of our constant involvement in Inner Dance (a traditional Filipino healing ritual) and church service through the Charismatic Community. All our passions make up the innovative process of Expressive Art Meditation that is deeply rooted in our identity as Filipino artists.

In the face of our technology-driven world, likes, comments and followers that pop-up in our gadgets have slowly invaded our concept of connectedness and self-worth. Today, the more we resort to technology to connect, the more it feels unreal. Our fast and busy lives have further led us to disconnect with our core and emotional fatigue. Expressive Art Meditation is a moment to pause and ponder on important things in life that we often set aside.

Supporting the claims of the leading experts in the field of Expressive Arts, the benefits of Expressive Art Meditation include giving participants the freedom to express themselves without the fear of judgment; positivity and relaxation; and time for self-discovery and soulful connections.

For more information about our work, visit www.artistmadhouse.com. We hope to see you in one of our workshops!

Jem Benzon and Carolyn Tongco

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